Should you move to Silicon Valley?

If you’re thinking about launching a tech start-up, you should move to Silicon Valley.

Here is a why.


The vast majority of venture capital firms in the US are located in Silicon Valley. Andreesen Horrowitz, Sequoia Capital, Khlosa Ventures, Benchmark Capital the list goes on…they’re all in Silicon Valley.

If one VC doesn’t shell out $$$ for your product, request their feedback, iterate on your product, and ask the next VC for money.

Being able to ping-pong from VC to VC like this is something you don’t get anywhere else.


Tech is the big business in town, and the surrounding cities and business cater to entrepeneurs and tech employees.

There is affordable and accessible co-working space.

Accelerators like Y-combinator have open office hours where you can solicit world-class advice.

Lots of lawyers specialize in the problems that fast-scaling start-ups face.

Since failure is celebrated in Silicon Valley, talented people are more likely to take a flyer on your fledgling start-up.

Early Adopting Market

Silicon Valley is the earliest adopting market. No other market is as open to spending real money on unrefined products. What seems novel today is world-changing tomorrow.

Although moving to Silicon Valley is not a a prerequisite for start-up success, and many successful start-ups are founded outside of Silicon Valley, all things being equal, launching a company in Silicon Valley instantly raises your chances of success.